March 2016

My first article in the Kids Books series listed several books about a single big, special dog: Seaman, the Newfoundland that traveled with explorers Lewis and Clark. Here is a link to Tuesday’s article. As for painting Halloween-spooky scenes, they were a natural extension of painting night scenes. Not able to really say when Used […]


In my prior article I mentioned that you apply glass paint having a sponge, which really is a popular way of probably covering, say, a significant area. Not necessarily this, even so would allow you to blend in colours while still wet, in issue. Furthermore, if you do this, you will, as soon as in […]


Realize that many people experienced to deal with this challenge before you and have blazed a trail that it is follow, and a minimum of get already familiar with solutions that you might have never considered before. It is really a work beginning. There are times while i get a dose of fear at 3:am. […]

The Haunted Studio offers that one of a kind Christmas gift for that special ghost hunter in your. There are lots of prints and note cards one could use. And you can actually have a custom painting of your home, or former home come our health as a haunted estate. I recently spoke with Lewis […]